Wednesday, 4 May 2016

P and BR elements in Html -- Telugu 04

The paragraph tag (<p>) can be used as a paired tag (with the </p>) or alone. If you are writing HTML4 or HTML5 the end tag is not required, but the end tag, </p> is required for writing XHTML.
P and BR elements in Html -- Telugu 04

Use the paragraph tag when you want to break up two streams of information into separate thoughts.

The <br> tag is a singleton tag—it has no end tag. In XHTML, you must close the tag with a final slash (e.g. <br />), but in HTML it is not required (e.g. <br>).

The <br/> tag is simply a forced line break within the text flow of the web page. Use it when you want the text to continue on the next line, such as with poetry.

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